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"If we play together, we learn about each other and learn to accept people who have different abilities."
- Elijah Lonsdale 


Your Village

In October 2021, we heard from 16 Logan children who all identified problems and solutions for them, especially problems and solutions relating to their play. Currently, they make up over 30% of the Logan population. Yet we often do not see representation of children in choices being made that impact their lives. Children want to be in the room where it happens!

Children believe that they should be more involved in decision which impact them, because as a 11 year old from Eagleby said - "It's better for the kids to answer these questions instead of adults, because adults can do whatever they want with the place. They don't actually know what would benefit the children."

So how can we (grown ups) do this? The Australian Institute of Play is dedicated to continued advocacy with these children to make the changes they want to see. Let's open up those doors so children can be in the room where it happens! Read the problems and solutions from the children below and contact us if you can help or if you have been motivated to make changes for children in your own life. 

Communities for Children has organised a meeting between Alannah and Tracey Ryan who is a Regional Executive Director for Child Safety (Dept of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs).


Residential Care - I would like to have a say about where I live, who I live with and seeing my parents.

Australian Institute of Play


Neighbourhoods, friends and the responsibility as a parent. Children need to be free!

Attendees from the Childhood Summit have signed the petition to stop the Coomera Connector.


Stop the Coomera Connector and save Eagleby Wetlands.

Australian Institute of Play


The importance of playgrounds for children with different abilities.

Australian Institute of Play


I love trees, you should too.

Australian Institute of Play


Playgrounds don't suit our need for choice and risk.

Australian Institute of Play


Children should be involved in the design process.

Australian Institute of Play

Jackson and Bella

The importance of family, friends and paralympians

Australian Institute of Play


Stop bullying, improve friendships and confidence, create safe places.

Australian Institute of Play


Community Togetherness is the solution.

Australian Institute of Play


Modern day madness and children's rights.

Australian Institute of Play


Parents rules, COVID-19 restrictions and bullying.

Australian Institute of Play


Importance of socialising and staying a kid.

Australian Institute of Play


Parents need to reflect on how they choose to parent.

Australian Institute of Play


Bullying, safety and making playgrounds and parks better for children.

"What I want to change for kids in Resi(dential) care are kids need a voice. We need to have a say about where we live and who we live with... We need to know why are aren't allowed to be with out families and when we will be able to go home."
- Alanah Chardon

"Surely these are some good reasons to let your kids of upcoming kids to play outside. Kids should have freedome and fun together - we can do this, Logan together!"
- Alice Lueng

"We gotta check ourselves before we wreck ourselves. Forever scrolling throuhg like we have nothing to do. Pretending your lives are boring and blue because we're stuck like glue to the screen - that's untrue and it's totally not you!"
- Desi

"Letting children engage with their community can give them opportunities to connect with people, to reach for their goals and feel secure."
- Kass Schweir

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