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A community backyard is a public space where children and their families can come to access a shared area to play and connect. This terminology has been coined by children, who are not able to experience one or more of the same affordances in their own backyard. In Community Backyards, children can play with their friends in a space supervised by qualified adults.


Community Backyards operate by incorporating the “3 Frees” –

Free to choose to participate (children come voluntarily)
Free (no cost) to attend
Free to do as you please (you can choose what activity you want to do

Children and adults report that outcomes of a community backyard include,  increasing social skills,  creating a sense of community,  connecting to place, space and people, improving mental health, being a safe space for children,  motor skill developments and opportunity to play outdoors.

The Australian Institute of Play has supported the creation of Queensland’s first Community Backyard in Eagleby. Watch the video below to hear from the Principal from Eagleby South State School. To learn more about this Community Backyard model in practice, head to the Joomunjie Land page here! Queensland’s second Community Backyard is underway in Yarrabilba, and after extensive consultation with community, this will be launched June 2024.


If you are interested in creating your own community backyard, contact us for more information!



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