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"It’s better for the kids to answer these questions instead of adults, because adults can do whatever they want with the place, but they don’t actually know what would benefit the children."

Eagleby Resident, 11 years old


"We do live here, and we should be the ones making the decisions."

Eagleby Resident, 12 years old

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Childhood Voice

Nothing about them, without them.


One of the 4 Play Pillars which guides the work of Australian Institute of Play, in conjunction with the Logan Play Action Plans. Ensuring children are empowered to help us  cater for their play needs. We will support children to share their thoughts and opinions on matters important to them,  we will then commit to actioning changes which will allow children to have control over when, what and how they play.


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Logan Children's Voice and Play

Three hundred and twenty-three Logan children have had their voices regarding play in their neighbourhoods listened to, recorded and elevated. 

Child Voice consultation efforts so far:

  • Four Child Friendly Neighbourhood Play - Child Voice Workshops. These workshops explored the perception of local children on the capacity of neighbourhoods to support their play. During these workshops children unpacked the amount of play they currently do and how much they would like to do, the barriers to this activity, and their solutions. Involving 36 children from Eagleby State School, 42 from Berrinba East State School, 14 from Kingston State School and 25 from Eagleby South State School.

  • Mentoring 16 Childhood Summit Child Voice Keynote presenters to develop keynotes on issues important to them in their community.

  • Logan Childhood Play Surveys; conducted at play events and on neighbourhood streets. Children were asked a consistent set of questions regarding their play. Their answers were analysed for themes, which AIP then used for advocacy.

  • Children co-designed and co-created Queensland's first Community Backyard and Adventure Play-space - Joomunjie Land. AIP supported 32 Eagleby children to design, build, market, and launch a community backyard and adventure playground for local children.

  • Established the Children In Action (CIA) - Logan child Reference Group, who act as a means for grown-ups to consult with children on issues impacting them. Currently made up of 9 Logan children, the CIA meet fortnightly.


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