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Arising from the wealth of conversations captured as community voice, a
12-month review of the Play in Logan initiative tested the strategic direction.
 The Play Action Plans for Logan were redefined. Four play pillars were created to capture the community voice and drive direction for continued momentum and change.


Four Strategic Pillars

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Nothing about them, without them.
Ensuring children are empowered to help us  cater for their play needs. We will support children to share their thoughts and opinions on matters important to them,  we will then commit to actioning changes which will allow children to have control over when, what and how they play.


Related to the aforementioned actions, play-based  strategies is one method of how we are delivering for children on their expressed play needs. Creating playful opportunities not only for children, but also leading by example, creating opportunities for community members to collaborate and role model high quality child-led free play provision for the community.


Working together with individuals, groups and organisations to build competence,
capability and sustainability for child-led free play within the community. This will
ensure long-term positive outcomes for Logan’s children and the entire city of Logan.


Building the case for more child-led free play. Demonstrating the impacts for all, as well as growing awareness of the  essentialness, value and power of play to transform communities, build community pride and create positive narratives for
all involved.

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