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Joomunjie Land is a HUGE Loose Parts Play oasis, located  at Eagleby South State School. This place has been built BY children, FOR children!

Also known as Queenland's first "Community Backyard", this space has many applications and benefits. Children  say that this space is  somewhere they feel safe, can see their friends, have freedom and have fun!  Parents tell us that their children build social confidence, physical capacity and grow their community connections. Teachers at the school share that  the students who visit Joomunjie Land, demonstrate an increased ability to apply themselves during class time, have improved emotional regulation and decreased behavioural issues across the school. 

Joomunjie was only possible to build, with help from the student leaders at Eagleby South State School in 2022. Leaders representing each age group, met with staff from the Australian Institute of Play to design, build and maintain this amazing play space. Since then, it was launched to the school and further to local community after school and during school holidays. The adults who work in this space are known as 'Playworkers' and they work as conserve play for children in the area. 

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What's a Community Backyard?

Children from Joomunjie Land tell us, it's their Community Backyard. This means it's a safe space that children can get to on their own, where they don't need parents to supervise.  Remember when children were told to go outside and play in their backyard? This was possible when everyone had a backyard! 

Joomunjie Land is a communal backyard, a community backyard! Where all children in the neighbourhood can come and play together. Want to create your own Community Backyard? AIP can help - check out this page.

Joomunjie Details

Joomunjie Land is open to the local community on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during school terms. It's also open for school holidays! Check out the Joomunjie Land Facebook page for more details!

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