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Stop the Coomera connector.
Start a learning centre and traditional owners museum/centre in the Eagleby wetlands
Reduce fossil fuel emissions, increase outdoor play.

Identified actions
(you might be able to do these, or you might be able to think of something else within your power to do)

Sign the petition to stop the Coomera Connector, join the Facebook group and learn how to best protest the plans for a new highway through Eagleby.

Talk to local government member and discuss the potential for learning centre.

Discuss a traditional owners centre with local mob.

If you are responsible for children, give them the opportunity to play outdoors more and spend more time in nature.

Take actions to be more environmentally friendly.

Current Partners

Attendees from the Childhood Summit have signed the petition to stop the Coomera Connector.

Can you commit to an action above? Do you have an different commitment you would like to make for Charlotte?
We'd like to let Charlotte know the reach of impact she has had in community.
Send us an email at

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