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Reduce bullying in school.
Reduce bullying in parks and playgrounds.
Make playgrounds more child-friendly (see actions).

Identified actions
(you might be able to do these, or you might be able to think of something else within your power to do)

Reduce bullying at school by ensuring children understand a clear strategy to follow if they need help with a bully.

Introduce counsellors/guidance officers to every school.

Teach children to be more inclusive, learn how to play, learn how to be more tolerant and calm.

Allow children to do things on their own to foster independence.

Install cameras at parks so children can still count on adult help if needed.

Create different play areas to allow for children of different ages to play at their level, without concern of older children hurting younger children accidentally.

Teach children and adults about cyberbullying: what it is, what it looks like and what to do when they witness or experience it

Current Partners

Australian Institute of Play

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