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Jackson and Bella

For all children to have family.
For all children to have friends, or just a friend.
Equity for the paralympians.

Jackson and Bella
Identified actions
(you might be able to do these, or you might be able to think of something else within your power to do)

Family provide, care and support a child's mental health and general wellbeing. There is food, water and clothes available to child/ren.

Family teaches child/ren social skills.

Advocate for Paralympians to receive the same amount of financial support from Australian Government.

Advocate for paralympians receive the same amount as pay when winning medals.

Current Partners

Australian Institute of Play

Can you commit to an action above? Do you have an different commitment you would like to make for Bella and Jackson?
We'd like to let Bella and Jackson know the reach of impact they have had in community.
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