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Children need freedom.
Children need to play outdoors more, children need to spend more time in nature, children should have friends in the neighbourhood to play with. Children would rather hang with friends than do hobbies their parents like. Neighbourhood friends are better than screens.

Identified actions
(you might be able to do these, or you might be able to think of something else within your power to do)

Advocate for children to play outside more. You might do this by talking to friends and family, your neighbours, local council and government members.

Connect children with their neighbourhood friends. Children have endless opportunities for play in their own street - chances are there are some friends right next door! You can consult with your neighbourhood about starting a neighbourhood play network.

Commit to allowing children to have time which is unstructured and allows them to choose what they want to do.
If you have the power in any capacity, allow children to play outdoors more and spend more time in nature.

Grown ups are responsible for their own fears and concerns, they must consider if these fears and concerns are based on truth or over-hyped media, taught parenting practice (you're just repeating what was told to you as a child) or other.

Current Partners

Australian Institute of Play

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