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Increased play opportunities.
Improve play spaces in Logan by adding more grassy fields, fenced play areas, more trees to climb, age appropriate playgrounds for teenagers, mix dogs parks in children's playgrounds, give kids more access to bushland spaces, adventurous play opportunities such as a low ropes course, climbing frames and small rock climbing walls.
Create a space in a park which has a bike track and teaches children road rules. Children want to learn about roundabouts, traffic lights and give-way signs.
Play with water: create parks similar to Springfield and Southbank in Logan with lots of water options.

Identified actions
(you might be able to do these, or you might be able to think of something else within your power to do)

Advocate for these changes to happen at a local, state and federal level.

If you have a child, learn about how they like to play.

If you work in any industry which has power in these areas, consider how you could make change - then take action!

Current Partners

Australian Institute of Play

Can you commit to an action above? Do you have an different commitment you would like to make for Tia?
We'd like to let Tia know the reach of impact she has had in community.
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