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Tahnie Togo


My name is Tahnie Pearl Togo and I am a Proud Aboriginal Minyunbal Women Traditionally from Tweed Heads NSW. I am the Eldest of seven siblings, three sisters and four brothers. I come from a massive family and I enjoy creating environments that feel like home.

I am highly Passionate about my Culture and being a good role model to the young children in my community. My biggest goal as a Play Worker is to keep youth off the streets and to overall be a positive person in their lives who constantly believes in them and pushes them to become the best versions of themselves. I strongly believe it only takes one positive person in your life to change so much for the better so I hope one day they remember me as that person.

I enjoy making things with the kids, implementing Aboriginal Culture and creating a space for them to have a sense of Belonging, be Creative, step out side their comfort zone and overall build a trustworthy relationship with them and my Community. I work along side my Mother, who is also a Playworker and I am truly grateful that we can start being the change the world needs together which is such a blessing. I dream in Future there will be Community Backyards in every suburb.

I wish as a child, I had a Space like Joomunjie Land when I felt like I needed an escape and a person like myself to talk to and play with. I want to be the person I wish I had growing up. I love my job and my Community! 

My favourite Play Quotes:

“Play is not a Privilege” 

“Playing as a child shapes you as a Adult” 

Tahnie Togo
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