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Lukas Ritson


Lukas believes that play should be a holistic experience for children - one that fosters connection, encourages resilience, and cultivates compassion. His expertise is in innovative playground designs which emphasise sustainable, quality materials, as they create a healthy stage for limitless learning opportunities.

Respect for nature is the ultimate philosophy of Lukas' work and life. He is passionate about keeping children curious, creative and confident through offering the adventurous childhood they deserve. This is reflected in all the play environments he creates.

He has collaborated with childcare centres, schools, community nature-based events, and has also presented keynote talks on the importance of play in Finland, the United States and across Australia. His work has touched the lives of tens of thousands of children Australia-wide. Lukas is an engaging public speaker trainer and TEDx speaker.

Lukas’s extensive knowledge as an outdoor educator heavily influences his design style: green open spaces scattered with native plants for free-range exploration; recycled timber structures to climb and welcome risk; secluded zones for quiet moments. A background in the culinary arts drives him to ignite a positive early relationship with food, by incorporating garden beds and chicken coops into early educational centres and schools.

He currently calls the Gold Coast Queensland, Australia, his home - specifically a house in the hinterland with distant views of the ocean. When he’s not on his surfboard, recentering among nature, he is reminded of the importance of play while wrangling his two adventurous children alongside his wife, and Wearthy co-founder, Vanessa.

Lukas Ritson
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