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Professional Development

The Australian Institute of Play offers tailor made training for the following:


If you work with children, or have children visiting your space - you might want to

incorporate a Loose Parts Play space!  Loose Parts play involves items that offer lots

of play opportunities, because they are dynamic and flexible (think pallets, buckets,

milkcrates, sticks, and old kitchen tools!). These random, but carefully selected play items, are used in many different ways and provide children the opportunity to:

- negotiable and problem solve

- work on emotional regulation

- build, trial and test

- gain confidence in their fundamental movements

- and so much more! (

Introducing Loose Parts play to your specific setting requires careful planning.

We will provide:

- consultation with children 

- strategies to involve parents and community

- labour for space set up (fencing is recommended)

- sign designs 

If you are looking for support to start your Loose Parts Play journey, contact us for an initial meeting!


If you have introduced a new play space (maybe Loose Parts) or are simply seeking further education around play, - let's have a chat! The Australian Institute of Play offers upskilling in identifying, understanding and supporting play. These training sessions can be tailored to your setting.


AIP offers training about:

- the importance of play

- consultation of children regarding play

- identification of play (and play types)

- the role of an adult in the play space

- Playworker theory

- and more!


If you are seeking a package Professional Development that is entire school/organisation encompassing,  the Bespoke Play Actions Plan is for you!  These plans are rolled out with ongoing support from the Australian Institute of Plan, and take place over a six month process. The plans include consultation with children, the set up of at least one Loose Parts Play space, and modules for Playworker Training. It takes a much deeper approach of embedding play in your space! If you're serious about play, this is where to start. 

Please contact Hyahno Moser for more details.

0403 458 871

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