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Hyahno Moser


Hyahno Moser is a father of 4 children, a childhood advocate, program director, manager, community development worker, adventure therapist, youth worker and outdoor educator. He has worked in support of children for over 20 years, connecting them with nature, with each other, with freedom, friends, fun, challenge and mastery.

Hyahno stands in support of children, their human rights for freedom, agency, self-expression and to be able to play outdoors where they live. Hyahno has an unwavering focus and dedication to this cause and measures all areas of society from this perspective.

“Like all adults, I took it for granted that the outdoor free play, highly social neighbourhood-centric-childhoods, of which I continue to benefit from immensely, would always be there, for all children, for all time. It is time to shine a bright light on the value of being able to play where you live, and reimagine our neighbourhoods as places for children to grow super happy healthy and strong. We can’t ignore the shrunken children’s horizons anymore.

I am trying to live up to the trust bestowed on me by my children, by all children, to provide the conditions for them to grow and develop on all sides. In this regard, play is of the highest priority.

I believe this to be the mark of sustainable and a civil society. I believe this to be not-negotiable, and a prerequisite for all levels of child-governance from parenting to politics.”

Hyahno Moser
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