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Crystal Marsh


Having resided in the Yarrabilba community for the past seven years, Crystal has developed a deep connection to her vibrant and growing neighbourhood. Crystal's children attend school and participate in sports activities at Yarrabilba, allowing her to actively engage with and contribute to various aspects of community life. With experience as an early childhood educator, she has a passion for children’s rights and childhood advocacy.

Crystal’s passion for Playwork began in her early years, when she would roam through the Australian bush, forging a deep connection with nature. Her imagination thrived in these make-believe adventures, laying the foundation for her lifelong love of play.

As an emerging play worker, Crystal believes that cultivating a passion for play involves fostering environments that encourage and support play, both indoors and outdoors. She values the unique ways in which each child engages in play, recognizing the benefits of unstructured play, and allowing children the freedom to explore, imagine, and create without constant adult interventions.

“Trying to define play is like trying to define love. You can’t do it. It’s far too big for that.” - Gordon Sturrock

Crystal Marsh
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