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Bespoke Play Action Plans

There are lots of great individuals and organisations who are constantly doing their best to create more places and spaces for Logan children to play. 

There are even more groups who contact the Australian Institute of Play, because they want to start their play journey and would like company along the way. AIP can create and implement  unique Bespoke Play Action Plans which build capacity and capability of Logan professionals (e.g. schools, community hubs, early learning centres, housing developments) to support child-led free play.

Creating an Play Plan for your space can be highly individualised! In the past, we have worked together with individuals and organisations to meet their needs. We have offered teacher professional development, parent information nights, child consultation, resource gathering and setting up Loose Parts Play spaces and more!

Please email us for any question or a quote. 

Current Play Plans

The Australian Institute of Play has had the absolute privilege of walking alongside multiple schools and community hubs, as the play journey grows and strengthens. 

  • Burrowes State School

  • Eagleby South State School

  • Kingston State School

  • Springwood Road State School

  • The Family Place

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