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Who We Are

Hyahno Moser


Hyahno Moser is a father of 4 children, a childhood advocate, program director, manager, community development worker, adventure therapist, youth worker and outdoor educator.


He has worked in support of children for over 20 years, connecting them with nature, with each other, with freedom, friends, fun, challenge and mastery.


Hyahno stands in support of children, their human rights for freedom, agency, self-expression and to be able to play outdoors where they live. Hyahno has an unwavering focus and dedication to this cause and measures all areas of society from this perspective.


“Like all adults, I took it for granted that the outdoor free play, highly social neighbourhood-centric-childhoods, of which I continue to benefit from immensely, would always be there, for all children, for all time. It is time to shine a bright light on the value of being able to play where you live, and reimagine our neighbourhoods as places for children to grow super happy healthy and strong. We can’t ignore the shrunken children’s horizons anymore”.  


“I am trying to live up to the trust bestowed on me by my children, by all children, to provide the conditions for them to grow and develop on all sides. In this regard, play is of the highest priority.”


“I believe this to be the mark of sustainable and a civil society. I believe this to be not-negotiable, and a prerequisite for all levels of child-governance from parenting to politics”. 


Greg was born and raised in Germany and has dedicated his life to better understand and create conditions that enable healthier environments around the world. Greg has gained valuable first-hand experience living and working in a large number of countries across the globe. He delights in seeing what kind of spaces evolve when communities actively engage in play. 


Greg believes that every human-being should have the chance to experience the best possible start to a way of life that is filled with nurturing conditions. His personal virtuosity derives from gratitude to his ancestors and community members that have enabled conditions for his life energy to be of use to others around him. Greg chooses to embrace positivity, openness, respect, and optimism with every encounter.


Greg is a Lecturer and Study Area Coordinator for Landscape Architecture, Queensland University of Technology, where he lectures undergraduates and postgraduates, teaching in Landscape Architecture, including Design Studio and Theory Units. He previously taught at Yale University (USA), University of Kassel (Germany), Technical University of Berlin (Germany), and University of Canberra (Australia).


Previously Greg founded the award winning Urban Synergies Group (USG), Australia. Key outputs of USG include the Child-friendly environments initiative in Vietnam including knowledge transfer events and keynote presentation to stakeholders; facilitation of interdisciplinary stakeholders to enable pathways of climate resilient communities related to play, transport, local food security and energy conservation in Mexico; shaping spaces for GenZ imitative in Australia- including an organisation and contribution to three Urban Thinkers Campuses; related to evidence-based approaches to healthy childhood and play; delivery of a two year long integral project (space making, research and capacity building) to improve youth wellbeing in urban Sierra Leone through play and public space interventions and Advocacy for health and wellbeing in urban systems at UN-level including high profile engagement at Habitat III conference, in Quito, Equator, 9th World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur and 10th World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi. 


Greg is an art lover with an endless curiosity for life-enhancing processes and play. He loves to spend time outdoors, exploring with his wife and Amadeus, the pug.




Dr. Gregor (Greg) H. Mews

Jordan Hill


Emerging playworker, social development practitioner, energetic champion for social justice 


Jordan believes that in Australia, children are often ignored as active members of society. This has results in consequences which heavily influence happy and healthy childhood development. She is passionate about protecting and supporting the right of children to be seen, heard and play. It is important for Jordan to be part of organisations which exist for more than capital gains, as this aligns with her values, ethics and sense of justice.

Jordan has been working in the not-for-profit sector for over five years and found her place in the childhood space more recently. She is equipped with a diverse and deep understanding of many theoretical underpinnings which create valuable frameworks for the work she does. Jordan recently graduated university with a dual degree in Human Services and Criminology and Criminal Justice and is passionate about identifying and addressing social injustices. Jordan is the youngest member on the board, and considers this an extremely special role. Growing up in Logan, she often draws upon her own childhood experiences to provide relevant context for all board activities. Youth, energy and sheer stubbornness is clearly demonstrated with her action orientated nature.  


To date Jordan has organised, managed, and contributed to many play opportunities for children and families in Logan. In 2020 Jordan was a key supporter and co-reporter on a child’s voice consultation in Eagleby. This report captured the voices from 36 local children, and has been shared with Logan schools, Logan City Council, the Logan Together Movement and organisations which are responsible for influencing play opportunities across government and community sectors. 


In her down time, Jordan likes to be outdoors, stay active, consume many books and spend time with her two cats, pony and axolotl (called Pineapple).


Lukas Ritson


Lukas believes that play should be a holistic experience for children - one that fosters connection, encourages resilience, and cultivates compassion. His expertise is in innovative playground designs which emphasise sustainable, quality materials, as they create a healthy stage for limitless learning opportunities.

Respect for nature is the ultimate philosophy of Lukas' work and life. He is passionate about keeping children curious, creative and confident through offering the adventurous childhood they deserve. This is reflected in all the play environments he creates. 

He has collaborated with childcare centres, schools, community nature-based events, and has also presented keynote talks on the importance of play in Finland, the United States and across Australia. His work has touched the lives of tens of thousands of children Australia-wide. Lukas is an engaging public speaker trainer and TEDx speaker.

Lukas’s extensive knowledge as an outdoor educator heavily influences his design style: green open spaces scattered with native plants for free-range exploration; recycled timber structures to climb and welcome risk; secluded zones for quiet moments. A background in the culinary arts drives him to ignite a positive early relationship with food, by incorporating garden beds and chicken coops into early educational centres and schools.

He currently calls the Gold Coast Queensland, Australia, his home - specifically a house in the hinterland with distant views of the ocean. When he’s not on his surfboard, recentering among nature, he is reminded of the importance of play while wrangling his two adventurous children alongside his wife, and Wearthy co-founder, Vanessa.


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Miranda Mason


Mum of two delightful humans, a practicing school guidance officer, teacher, childhood advocate, community connector and environmentalist. 


Miranda believes that if every child was afforded the chance to keep their feet in mud and their heads in the stars, our future will be in wonderful hands. She believes that play unlocks curiosity and gives children the chance to grow into their best selves - full of joy and possibilities! Her belief is if we can work to create connections at all levels of society to support children where they live, learn and play and make accessible the rights that all humans are entitled to, then we will prosper as a society and as individuals. Miranda is a passionate champion for authentic communication with children to ensure their voices and concerns inform decisions which impact them. 


Growing up in Toowoomba and now living in Brisbane, Miranda’s career has taken her across Australia, always with community, children, education and environment at the core. She has a Master of Education (Guidance and Counselling), a Graduate Certificate (Arts Business Management), a dual Bachelor of Arts and Education and is also a member of the Queensland Guidance Counsellors Association. Miranda has received a number of awards recognising her commitment to support students to stay engaged with education and achieve their potential. She has also worked in a number of community facing roles, such as Community Engagement Coordinator for Nature Play Queensland, Program Manager for Green Cross Australia and as Aide-de-Camp to the Queensland Governor. Miranda has been a facilitator for the Brisbane Writer’s Festival, a Committee member for the World Environmental Education Congress, and a coordinator for the Brisbane IDEAS festival education program. 


Miranda’s achievements include creation of the Digital Doorknock app, facilitation of the Neighbourhood Play Project and documentary, coordination of national community engagement campaigns supporting climate resilience including award winning Green Lane Diary and Witness King Tides. She was a finalist for Wesley Misson’s Campaign for Change in 2013, for the Community Nonnas program. 


Miranda loves to write and has authored several publications for teachers including: Groovy Green Ideas, Natural Disasters, Asia, Our Neighbour, Hooray for Healthy and Healthy Minds. She also volunteers at her local tennis club, coaches girls soccer and hangs out with her gorgeous children.


Penny Goodall


Community development worker, mother, grandmother and relentless advocate for children and families.

After more than 30 years’ experience in government and not for profit organisations working to "fix" entrenched social problems, in recent years Penny has turned her focus to supporting children and families early in their journey. Penny operates from the understanding that the first five years of a child's life are fundamentally important. They are the foundation that shapes children's future health, happiness, growth, development and learning achievement at school, in the family and community, and in life in general. She is persistent in her quest to support communities and families so children get the best possible start and her passion to see children thrive at every age and stage.

Penny has been a Manager, Team Leader, Program Manager and Project Coordinator for the Australian Government and Queensland Government and is known for her focus on building thriving teams and building productive partnerships across government, non-government and community sectors. A career watershed was her role as Program Manager for the Australian Government Supporting Jobless Families and Helping Young Parents Programs. In this role she developed a passion for using data to influence change for children and families. She also used her extensive connections with community to take government services outside the mandatory meeting spaces and into safe and trusted spaces. 


Currently a Community Development Worker with The Salvation Army Communities for Children Logan, Penny contributes her strengths in partnering and capacity building to the collective work across Logan focused on the wellbeing of children and families. Penny was a driver for the creation of the Logan Children’s Charter, and Child Friendly Neighbourhoods Toolkit. She is supporting the implementation of these across the Logan. 


Penny is part of a large and vibrant extended family, which consumes most of her heart, mind and recreation. She is an experienced dragon wrangler, having read the entire collection of How to Train Your Dragon with her Grandson.


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Steve Kanowski


Steve is currently the Principal of Berrinba East State School. Berrinba East State School is situated in Logan Central, Queensland and has a strong reputation child centred innovation. The school was awarded State Winners of the 2020 Education Queensland Showcase Award for Excellence in the Early and Primary Years for its collaborative work with Early Learning providers to enhance oral language development through Kindergarten to Prep transitions.

Steve holds post graduate degrees in disability and inclusion and is fiercely passionate about providing opportunities for disadvantaged children and children living in low-socio economic communities. Steve has led his school community on a journey by where Outdoor Play and Learning is embraced not only as a vehicle to engage students but also a crucial component to enhance oral language development and student learning. This journey has seen the school significantly reduce suspension rates and acts of physical aggression, increase student attendance and reengage vulnerable students and families. This work was acknowledged with Berrinba East State School being named as a State Finalist in the Outdoors Queensland Nature Play Education Awards.