An extensive, coordinated and collaborative effort is happening in Logan right now to support all Logan children to grow super happy healthy and strong. How?

It is about increasing PLAY for children. 

If you are not already part of it, perhaps you could be? 

Oct 28-30, 2021 at the Childhood Summit, we asked community members, "How can we make Logan the Most Playful City in the World?" 


89 passionate community members took part in 3 days of workshops.

They were presented with the findings from a 12month Logan Child Voice Consultation. 199 Logan children aged 2 to 15 years of age, from 31 Logan suburbs, shared what was important to them, and how we can help all Logan children to be able to play, every day, especially where they live. 

These workshops identified the good, bad and ugly for play in Logan.  A 3-year game-plan to increase play in Logan was co-created! Resulting in 11 key play priority areas being co-created.

1. Follow current research

2. Co-design with children/child voice

3. Increase community connections

4. Increase play education

5. Create free play events

6. Increase loose parts play

7. Increase access to playgrounds & play spaces

8. Increase intergenerational Play

9. Create more neighbourhood play networks

10. Create community play-boxes

11. Increase advocacy and marketing on play

The AIP has taken these ideas back to the Children In Action - Logan Child Reference Group  and sought their feedback and approval. 

Now the final 2022-2025 Logan Play-Action Plans are available for you, or anyone in the community, to access and be guided in how to help make Logan the Most Playful City in the World

This 3 year play action plan for Logan means that across all of community, there will a joyous and playful shift. This playful shift will be seen and felt by tens of thousands of Logan children over the next 3 years, as they have more access to child-led free play (unstructured play). We know this will support children's overall wellbeing and improved developmental outcomes.

We estimate the reach and impact of these Logan play-action plans will include 81% or over 60,000 Logan children and 37,582 Grown-Ups by 2025. That is a lot new play friends :) 

When we increase Play in Logan we will see all our children thrive.

Contact us to get involved in this joyful mission to make Logan the Most Playful City in the World...